Michele's Book Of Poetry

Wow, I just found an old book of poetry that I wrote when I was in 6th grade (11-12 yrs. old). At the school I attended that year, all of the students were required to write one book of poetry and one short story. I haven't seen this for years, and as I was looking at it I just laughed and smiled.


Wasn't It

My cat Misty was a special present that I had.
Black fur
Green eyes
Mysterious ways
Wasn't She?

My cat Misty was a friend
A guide
A present
A nice cat
Wasn't She?

The cuddly fur has gone away
The sharp, bold eyes do not peer out
Where is Misty? What of Misty?
She was just here today
Wasn't She?

Sunny The Bunny
There once was a bunny named Sunny
Who had a desire for honey,
She was a site (*my 11 yr. old misspelling),
For she was all white,
It must have been pretty funny.

A Weird Cat
There once was a cat named Zat
Who did nothing but sat,
He wore a vest,
That scared a nest,
He must have eaten a tack.

The Crazy Sailors
Red in the morning sailors warning,
Red at night sailors delight.

They work on days with weather like snow,
Their bosses (*mispelling again) name is Moe.

They're as nice as bringing joy to thee,
Even when their ships sink to the sea.

As soon as the light goes down.
The sailors have a pouring frown.

As soon as the light goes up,
The smiling never clumps.

So if you come across them one day,
You'd be better off seeing them on a day in May.

Michele (this is my best-liked one)

Wishes to have no fear,

Dreams of making peace in the world,

Wants to heal the sick, homeless, and poor.

Who mostly wonders what it is like living in heaven.

Who fears bad things.

Who is afraid of very bad storms, especially tornadoes.

Who likes animal.

Who believes in God.

Who loves my family

Who loves Chinese food.

Who loves most sports.

Who loves God.

Who plans to be a T.V. news reporter or broadcaster.

Who plans to be a faithful wife.

Who plans to live a good life.

Whose final destination is heaven.

In the year 1492
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
Riding on three ships with pointy tips
For the others to see that the round is true

Alone with the three good ships that were made not to fall.
It took forever just to prove it.
When the situation became very tall.
Columbus fixed it by to the move the dates.

The plan worked out to not fail
In a while. There were there
But they were safe for they had walls,
They found what they were looking for.

By Michele Tutty

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