Smallville - Labyrinth

Smallville is my favorite show on television. My favorite episode is "Labyrinth" from Season 6. In that episode, Clark Kent aka Kal-El is attacked by an alien creature who messes with his mind and creates a fictitious world in which Clark is a mental patient. Clark wakes up in a mental asylum where the attending physician, Dr. Hudson, tells him he has been there for five years due to his "elaborate fantasy" that he has alien superpowers. In this new world, Martha Kent is married to Lionel Luthor, best friend Chloe Sullivan is deemed insane, and Lana Lang chose Clark over Lex. Clark gradually gives in that he is mentally ill and is persuaded by Dr. Hudson and Lana to undergo a brain procedure that will "cure" his mental illness. But in reality, all of this is a ploy made up by the alien creature to get Clark killed. Only Chloe and another patient named John believe who Clark really is and urge him to fight for his life. In the end, Clark chooses to believe that he isn't really mental and kills the alien creature that had been trying to get him killed which wakes Clark up and brings him back to his reality.

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