How can you divert something you have no authority over?

I've seen those ghost-hunting and "haunted" shows on television. Sometimes they can be really entertaining. But, is it real? I think that there really is something that they're seeing, at least some of the time. But, I don't believe these spirits they see are long-gone humans, but demons. Are ghost not demons? I think that those situations where you see a psychic or ghost-hunter or people that claim to see spirits trying to urge ghosts to leave the place they're haunting and enter the next life are really demons that are messing people about. And, how can you really divert ghosts if you don't have authority over them? What power do you really have over a demon if you don't belong to God? Nothing. Everything the dark side does is to mess with people and they have very clever tricks and tactics to lure people in. People who don't know better can get caught up in it, sometimes so severely that they actually think they have power over these things or worse that these things are friendly and harmless. Well, I don't see anything in the Bible that states there is such a thing as humans haunting places and refusing to leave this world and anything about "unfinished business." I believe that there is such a thing, however, as demons that like to deceive people into playing their games. Anything to turn them away from God they will try. I don't buy it.

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