Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus

"O you legalists who are looking to yourselves for some arguments with which to prevail with God! O you who look to your sacraments, to your outward forms, to your pious deeds and your almsgivings for something that will move the heart of God--know this, that these things are no lever that can ever move Him to love! Nothing but your sin and misery can ever stir His mercy! And you look to the wrong place when you look to your merits to find a plea why He should show pity upon you!" ~ Charles Spurgeon

When I understand, by the grace of God, that nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash away my sin- not my prayers, nor my good works, no, not even my repentance and faith- it sends me into worship. I've learned God moves in mercy toward us not because of anything we have done, but only because He is full of compassion toward helpless sinners who have nothing acceptable to offer to save themselves. Since God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble, a sinner's only hope for happiness in this life and the next, is to abandon all confidence in his own merits and accomplishments, and trust entirely in the power and kindness of His Savior, Jesus Christ. ~ Kirk Cameron


Anonymous said...

Fear of death...good reason to believe in god.

Anonymous said...

I don't fear death and I believe in God.