Hollywood Prayer Network - November 2009 Newsletter

Dear HPN Pray-ers,

Welcome to our THANKSGIVING month of prayer. Our focus this month is on thanking God for all He is and gives and does for us. Let's remind those around us to be thankful to the Lord for His blessings, goodness and love! And thank YOU for praying with us!


* We praise God for the amazing 16 Hour Prayer Day
* Thank God for what He did at the American Film Market
* Thank God for Steve Turner and Bruce Wilkinson's visits
* Continue to pray for Carl Swenson as he battles cancer
* Continue to pray for the many unemployed in Hollywood
* Pray for John Travolta in his & his spiritual journey
* Pray for Christians to overcome spiritual battles
* Pray for writer Paul Haggis as he leaves Scientology
* Pray for Thanksgiving to focus on thanks to GOD here
* Pray for Skandar Keynes (Chronicles of Narnia's Edmund)
* Pray for the Chronicles of Narnia's cast and crew
* Pray with HPN member Gordon as he battles cancer
* Pray for Stephen Sanders' family & the 168 Film Project
* Pray for the growing Loui siana Film Industry


* We praise God for the amazing 16 Hour Prayer Day on Friday November 6th: United, it was so fabulous. Thank you to all who joined us for the largest corporate prayer gathering that we have had! It made an eternal difference and we felt God's presence in Hollywood that day and night!

* Thank God for what He did at the AFM (American Film Market) during Nov. 4 - 11. Gary Zethraeus led incredible prayer for all who were there in Santa Monica. They saw God the touching the hearts of filmmakers, distributers, and studio executives, all over the place. It was awesome!

* Thank God for the wonderful gatherings we had during the first week of Nov. with two friends who came here to pour their hearts into our community. Steve Turner ("Imagine" & "The Gospel According to The Beatles") and Bruce Wilkinson ("The Prayer of Jabez" & "You Were Born For This") were so inspiring and challenging to many of us.


* Please continue to pray for our dear friend, Carl Swenson (writer/producer), as he battles for his life with cancer. We don't know God's plan for him, but we love Carl and know that he is in the palm of Jesus' hand. May He turn Carl's intense battle into something beautiful for Carl, his family, and all of his friends in Hollywood!

* Continue to pray for so many people in Hollywood who desperately need work. May they seek the Lord of all provision and protection and find fulfillment in Him. May we change our focus from just looking for work, to looking for Him. Let's thank the Lord for His provision.


* Pray for John Travolta. He admitted for the first time publically that Jett, his son who died, was autistic. He kept quiet about his son's condition because of how the church of Scientology feels about diseases.

* Pray for the Christians in Media to have a healthy understanding of the intense spiritual battle here, so that Satan does not continue to have a foothold. Our greatest battles are against depression, isolation, discouragement, and division in the body. But with God, NOTHING is impossible.

* Academy award winning writer, Paul Haggis, ("Million Dollar Baby" and "Crash") just resigned from the Church of Scientology. Let's pray for his spiritual journey and his protection from any backlash from his very strong letter that was downloaded on to the blog of an ex-scientologist: http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2009/10/26/paul-haggis/

* Pray for the season of Thanksgiving to be a miraculous time of thanking GOD for all that we have in our country and our lives. May there be a movement of Christians here lifting up the true focus of the Thanksgiving Holiday so that people may see, maybe for the first time, that it's God whom we are thanking!


* Pray for Skandar Keynes (Chronicles of Narnia's Edmund). He's the son of Randal Keynes (whose book became the basis for "Creation" a movie that premiered in UK in Sept.) He is also a descendant of Charles Darwin. (2009 is Darwin year). Right now Skandar is in Australia filming Voyage of the Dawn Treader, thru Nov. Please pray for his salvation!

* Pray for the Chronicles of Narnia's former and current cast and crew: salvation of those who aren't Christians (pray for divine appointments!); everyone's health, safety, and wisdom. Pray especially for those in Australia filming Voyage of the Dawn Treader (through Nov.). Kelley

* "I was treated at M. D. Anderson again last week; I'll be cat scanned again in another 3 weeks. Please lift up the results, that the tumor, if not completely gone, will have at least shrunk even further. And I still ask prayer for paying performing opportunities. I'm in need of prayer for provision for medical bills." Gordon Williams

* Stephen Sanders, a great volunteer/producer for the 168 Film Project, has passed away through a hiking accident. We ask for prayers for love and support for his wife, Danica, and for his whole family as they struggle through this very difficult and unexpected time. John Ware

* "Please pray for the Louisiana Film Industry. Believers are becoming involved in our film industry here and are starting to encourage Film Professionals toward prayer and acts of faith. We are also making friends with many filmmakers of the Jewish faith, so we pray that more people will continue to welcome our Jewish friends as they come down South for film projects and not hurt or persecute them in any way." Suzanne Manthei


* Weekly Prayer continues every THURSDAY NIGHT in Hollywood. Join with us in person, or in prayer, as we gather to pray for one another, intercede for our industry and praise God for all He is doing here. For more information go to: http://www.hollywoodprayernetwork.org/content/prayer-hollywood

* For other upcoming events in our community, click on: http://www.hollywoodconnect.com

Thanks SO MUCH for your prayers. We thank the Lord for you and want to remind you that your prayers ARE making an eternal difference in our mission field, in our culture and in our world.

Karen, Caren and Gloria

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"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20

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