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This week we offer a collection of films for teens and graduates that the whole family can enjoy. All five movies for only $19.97. In stock and ready to ship!

Second Glance: One of the most inspiring films you will ever see and a version of the classic ‘It A Wonderful Life’ movie. (50 min)
End of the Harvest: Thought provoking film about a college student making a
presentation at a philosophy club meeting about when the world may end. (54 min)
Gold Through The Fire: A good film for youth and family about making a stand for Christ. (79 min)
Worm: High impact film about a teen who rejects the LORD and ends up in hell. (31 min)
The First Stone: The Church janitor becomes the youth leader and gains acceptance from the youth group using his unconventional style. (71 min)

Also, we are now taking bookings for AMAZING LOVE for Church showings only, starting in June. Previews for this film will be ready and available in two weeks. For the many who have already responded and we replied back, we will contact soon when the previews are ready. For others, please let us know if you want to show this film to your group. This movie will bring the prophet HOSEA and his picture of unconditional alive to your congregation!! Partially filmed in Israel, the movie features Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Rudy) Erin Bethea (Fireproof) and has a special appearance made by Patty Duke.

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