Imprisoned pastor (Youcef) speaks out

by Jordan Sekulow

Pastor Youcef has released a letter to his supporters.

It is the first time he has been allowed to make a public statement in nearly a year and the first time the world has heard from him since his execution order was upheld.

Youcef's spirit in the face of his persecution is remarkable. He writes, "[T]hough my trial due has been so long, and as in the flesh I wish these days to end, yet I have surrendered myself to God's will."

The letter, which he sent to Present Truth Ministries, goes on to thank everyone who has been working, speaking out and praying on his behalf, saying:

"I do believe that these kind of activities can be very helpful in order to reach freedom, and respecting the human rights in a right way can bring forth great results in this. I want to appreciate all those are trying to reach to this goal."

His words are inspiring, and you can read his entire letter on our Tweet for Youcef page at http://ACLJ.org/Nadarkhani.

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We are also continuing to press the U.S. Senate to unanimously pass a resolution demanding Pastor Youcef's release. The U.S. House of Representatives has already passed a similar resolution, and it's time for the Senate to act. Take action; sign our new petition for Youcef today.
Thank you again for your actions, prayers, and tweets on behalf of Pastor Youcef.

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