ChristianMovies.com May Special #2, Meet Gavin MacLeod & Rich Christiano (May 27th)

Here is another 5 pack DVD offer for ONLY $19.97 that includes 7 movies! Some of you contacted us asking if you could make substitutions in these packs since you had one of two of the DVDs already. You can do this by calling us at 949 340-3583.

Behind The Sun--excellent film about a Muslim who comes to faith in Christ and gets banished by his family.
Dialtone--interesting evangelistic film about a guy who knows ahead of time when people will die.
The Pretender--great film for teens that also includes two bonus movies, Crime of the Age and The Daylight Zone.
Step Over The Edge--A group of young Christian singles take a wilderness journey.
The Appointment--Proven evangelistic film that causes people to think about eternity.

Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach, CA will be showing The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry at 6PM on Sunday evening May 27th. Free admission to this event. The public is invited to come and meet Gavin MacLeod and writer/director Rich Christiano who will both be there to present the film and Gavin will be speaking to the group after the showing about his role as Jonathan Sperry. Feel free to spread the word and invite your friends. It should be a very heartfelt and touching evening!

Finally, we are still providing mass distribution through churches for the Sperry movie.

One church in Maryland just took 2400 copies to hand out in their community. Another church recently handed out 600 at their local Walmart parking lot to invite people to Easter services. What a great way to get your own people involved. if interested, please
contact us at rc@christianmovies.com or call 949 380-8550.

Pricing as follows:
120 DVDs for only $4.50/each
360 DVDS for only $2.75.each
600 DVDS for only $2.00/each
plus shipping.

We all know that movies are powerful tools that make lasting impressions. Let's be aggressive and play offense by reaching out using the power of Christian movies!

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