Hal Lindsey Report (5-4-12): Return to Jekyll Island, the Conspiracy, Executive Order 1110, Cheap Money, Abolish the Fed?, "Protocols" of Diversion

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This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

In November, 2010, the Federal Reserve System held a special two-day event at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel on Jekyll Island, Georgia. It was a celebration of the original meeting of bankers and politicians in the same hotel 100 years earlier that eventually resulted in the creation of the Federal Reserve System.

The conference was billed as an opportunity to review the history of the Fed to see what lessons could be learned from its history; to determine if it had adhered to the original vision of its founders; and to see what light the past might shed on the future.

Now, for those of you who regularly watch "The Hal Lindsey Report," you know that I'm not enamored of the Federal Reserve System. In fact, I think it might qualify as the most massive fraud in the history of the world. As we speed steadily toward the final days of this Age, I believe it may even play a role in the prophetic scenario.

This week, we're going to revisit that event and examine the history of the Federal Reserve and its 'money trust' ancestors; the impact it is having on our nation and world today; and the role I think it may play in the global economic system that will be controlled by the Antichrist.

As we watched the 2010 roll-out of QE2 -- the Fed's second round of 'Quantitative Easing' -- and I saw the impact it had on the average American, it almost made my blood boil. The international banking families who control the privately-owned Federal Reserve System have robbed America blind for much of its history. And every time an American President has attempted to stop or confront those sinister forces, tragedy occurs.

Some have said to me, "Hal, why stress yourself with these events? You know they've been prophesied. They must happen as we draw close to the coming of the Lord. You can't stop it." That, my friend, is PRECISELY why I concern myself with these events! We are eyewitnesses to Biblical prophecy being fulfilled. "The Hal Lindsey Report" is my way to shout to the world that "these events" prove that Bible prophecy is accurate and is rapidly being fulfilled. That means time is short and we have to prepare ourselves and those around us for His soon return. It also means that if the Bible is true in what it says about the future, then it's true in what it says about other things such as the possibility of redemption and the finality of refusing that redemption. In short, fulfilled prophecy confirms the Bible's veracity.

So, this week we'll see how one of America's most dominant institutions is affecting you and me and the future of every person on planet earth.

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