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  April 2012 Newsletter
Dear HPN members,
A wonderful April to all of you.  Can you believe how fast this year is flying by??!!  We are preparing for the National Day of Prayer now so if you’re going to be at any of the thousands of gatherings across the country, you can print out these prayer requests and pray for Hollywood that day!  Or get other requests in our archived newsletters HERE.

  Thanks for praying for TheCRY Hollywood, at the Universal Amphitheatre
  Pray with us on Thursday, May 3rd - the National Day of Prayer in America
  Keep remembering to pray for one person in the media EVERY DAY
• The networks officially announce their 2012-13 Primetime schedules in May
  We want to remember our dear friend Jack Gilbert, who passed away
  Pray for Bob Iger, Pres. & CEO of The Walt Disney Company
  Please pray for the young people who consume so much media every day
  Pray for Hector, our HPN Local Chapter Director in Spain
  Pray for HPN member Ted and his weekly outreach gatherings
  Pray for all of our upcoming events and the events in our community 


  Thanks for praying for TheCRY Hollywood, at the Universal Amphitheatre on March 15th.  It was the first time there was 10 straight hours of prayer and praise EVER at Universal Studios and the first time Hollywood was blessed, honored and prayed for in that way.  What a great day it was.  We believe that God shifted our city that day!

  Thursday, May 3rd is the National Day of Prayer in America.  We are celebrating our 20th gathering of industry professionals to pray for our country, our city and our entertainment industry.  Would you join us at CBS Television, Studio City lot if you live in town?  If you’re out of town, be sure to plug in to your local gathering and make sure they also pray for the Media.  Here is the link to the NDoP Hollywood event: 


  Keep remembering to pray for one person in the media EVERY DAY.  As you continue this discipline we will see more life-changing miracles happening in Hollywood.  You can make an eternal difference right where you are.  If you want a daily list of cultural influencers and media decision-makers to pray for, follow the Mastermedia Prayer Calendar by clicking HERE.


• The networks officially announce their 2012-13 Primetime schedules the week of May 14." Let’s pray for the Network Executives to make wise choices this month as they make their final decisions on what shows to pick up.  And let’s pray for the Agents, who are already madly hustling to get their writers and producers hired on some of the 80 Fall season series that they know will be returning. This year we’re excited to know some great Christians who are TV writers and Show Runners being considered for some of these network and cable shows.  Let’s pray that our community is well represented on this Fall’s TV shows’ writing staffs and that Lord will use these professionals to make an eternal difference, both in the lives of the people they work with, and through the scripts they write that millions of people will be watching.   To learn what a Show Runner is, click HERE.

  We want to remember our dear friend Jack Gilbert, a writer, teacher, visionary and Christ-like man, who passed away at the end of March.  He was 62 and had an unbelievable impact on our community and our world over the past 30+ years while working in Hollywood.  May we pray for his family members and friends who miss him so much and ask the Lord to keep using Jack’s memory to impact professionals all over Hollywood.  And we praise Him that Jack is truly home!  For more info, click HERE

• Walt Disney Studios has had a rocky year, with lay-offs and a tremendous cut in the number of feature films in production. Let’s pray for Bob Iger - President & Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company.  May he discover the unconditional love of Jesus in his life and work. (https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Robert_Iger)  For a list of Disney’s upcoming theatrical releases click HERE.

  Please pray for the young people who watch so much TV, play so many video games, spend so much time on facebook and listen to a tremendous amount of music.  And let’s encourage our young people to pray for the people in their media world. The best way for them to pray is to download our KIDS and/or TEENS Prayer calendars each month HERE.


  Our HPN Local Chapter Director in Spain: 
“…We´re in the midst of planning our Summer Camp. Our main need right now is for volunteers. We´ve only got two so far, for which we´re thankful, but we need at least six more, so we´d like to ask you to join us in prayer for God´s provision and would like to ask you to distribute the information to whoever you think might be interested. If you have any idea of people or places we can send this info. please let us know. The dates for the camp are from June 20th to July 28th. It would be a great short term missions experience for artists to spend five weeks in Spain…” Thanks so much and blessings on you all.” Héctor, Lilli and Danny and the Aslan team
For more info. on the camp click HERE or email Hector at aslan_sapin@hotmail.com

  Pray for us as we reach out to professionals in Hollywood. For anyone who lives between Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara and is in the industry, we host a weekly outreach event that welcomes atheists, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, etc..  We meet almost every Sunday at 6:30pm. Come and bring your friends.  For more information email ted@tedbaehr.com    Ted


April 19 – 21, Karen will be speaking at Asbury University, challenging the students to be wise in understanding their part in responding to the media and/or getting personally involved in impacting our culture through arts and entertainment.

• Life Fest, May 4,5,6 at the LA Convention Center. This year special award for Martin Sheen for The Way.  Check out:  www.lifefilmfest.com

*  May 13 – 19, Karen and Caren will be leading prayer and seminars on the Power of the Media at the World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta Indonesia.  For more info. click HERE.

  For other upcoming events in our community, click HERE.

Have a Great end of April and beginning of May and we’ll be back next month,
Karen and Caren


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