Letter from Joni Lamb: April 2012

Letter from Joni Lamb (of Daystar Christian television: April 2012
One thing I am passionate about is my love for Israel. I wanted to honor the Jewish people by producing a series on the Holocaust. When I think about the six million Jews that were murdered and the multitudes who were persecuted during the Holocaust, I can just imagine the heart of God being broken. So last July we dedicated one week of Joni shows to a series on the Holocaust. Since April 19th is Holocaust Remembrance Day, we will rebroadcast this series April 16th – April 20th.

It has been 67 years since the Holocaust but for survivors and children of survivors it remains an ever-present reality. In this series we honor the courage of those who experienced the Holocaust. You will hear from Holocaust survivor Irene Zisblatt. Her family was murdered, and she endured horrific treatment in a Nazi concentration camp. You will also hear from Peter Loth who was born in a Nazi concentration camp. We will show you historic footage and photos, and you will hear testimonies of survivors and children of survivors. Their stories of healing and forgiveness will leave an indelible impression, and you will be encouraged to forgive others. You will truly be touched by this series. So on Holocaust Remembrance Day we will honor those who fought, those who suffered and those who died. We love the Jewish people. We love Israel.


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