Michael Farris presents: Constitutional Literacy - The Complete 25-Part Series

The Constitution was not written in the name of our leaders, but by the authority of "We The People." It was expected that the people would enforce leaders' duty to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution.

If our government no longer faithfully adheres to the Constitution, ultimately the problem is that we are not doing our part as enlightened citizens; and when we find that the government's current actions are out of step with the Constitution, it is our duty as citizens to act.

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Most basically, we have the duty to throw out all elected officials who abuse the Constitution and to replace them with new officials who will faithfully preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

For years, Americans have remained silent as our government encroaches on our freedoms. Join Michael Farris, founder and chancellor of Patrick Henry College and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association as he delves into the history of our nation's most important document and provides the training to turn America back towards a proper understanding of American Liberty.

Disc 1:
Episode 1: Introduction to the Constitution
Episode 2: Article 1, Section 1
Episode 3: Judicial Review and Original Intent
Episode 4: The Powers of Congress
Episode 5: Commerce and General Welfare Clauses
Disc 2:
Episode 6: Powers of the President
Episode 7: Bill of Rights Apply to States?
Episode 8: The Establishment of Religion
Episode 9: Free Exercise of Religion(1)
Episode 10: Free Exercise of Religion(2)
Disc 3:
Episode 11: Freedom of Speech and Press
Episode 12: Freedom of Association
Episode 13: The Second Ammendment
Episode 14: The Fourth Ammendment
Episode 15: Procedural Due Process
Disc 4:
Episode 16: Property Rights
Episode 17: Equal Protection
Episode 18: Abortion "Rights"
Episode 19: Homosexual "Rights"
Episode 20: Parental Rights
Disc 5:
Episode 21: International Law
Episode 22: Is the National Debt Unconstitutional?
Episode 23: Was the American Revolution an Ungodly Rebellion?
Episode 24: Was the Constitution Illegally Adopted?
Episode 25: Reclaiming Our Country
Runtime: 8 hours, 20 minutes (500 minutes)

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BONUS DVD: Two hour simulcast with hosts Tim Wildmon and Jeff Chamblee, with special guest Mike Farris from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Recorded April 17th, 2012.

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery due to the editing and producing of the simulcast DVD. Projected ship date: April 30, 2012.

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