New Film Tugs on Heartstrings, Encourages Devotion to Christ

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Paper Dream is the first dramatic film produced by American Family Studios, a new division of AFA.

Paper Dream is a short feature film that explores the life of a Christian couple facing an unexpected and troubling challenge. They adore being an aunt and uncle and have always wanted to have children of their own. Not only did they dream of children, but expected that they would be able to become parents one day. But infertility threatens that dream.

This film is for families going through the challenge of infertility, but there is also an underlying message that is even broader. Is God's purpose for your life completely different than what you have planned? We have hopes and desires, but run into problems when we feel we are entitled to those dreams. When life doesn't go as expected, don't get mad at God, but instead embrace the truth that He knows what is best for you! Every circumstance can be used for God's glory. We can question God's goodness or draw closer to God instead.
 This movie meant a lot to me personally. I myself am a planner, even for the unexpected. I think of a plan B before I even need it. Just in case! I try to stay as organized as possible. When juggling the responsibilities of life, especially as a mom, being organized and flexible makes everything go more smoothly.
 However, not everything in life goes as scheduled. The older I get the more I realize that God's plan is not always my plan. Whether He is teaching, testing, or protecting, His plan is better than ours. We may not always understand certain circumstances, but being satisfied and content and ultimately fulfilled in what God has planned for our lives is crucial for a Christian. As moms, let's be prepared for our duties, but also have an open heart and mind to the blessings He has for us since He can see the big picture.

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Christy had a dream...
For as long as she can remember, Christy Davis has wanted to be a mom, but things haven't worked out the way she imagined them. When hopes of getting pregnant fall through, she and her husband Matt turn to adoption, but will that be enough to fill their longing for a child?
 American Family Studios is proud to present a story of hope in the midst of difficult circumstances. Do unfulfilled dreams define who we are, or is God enough to give us fulfillment?

Runtime: Approximately 40 minutes

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Click here to watch trailer and find out more about the Bonus Features.
BONUS: Paper Dream also includes American Family Studios
original documentaries "Flame On" and "Divorcing God."

Three for the price of one!


Monica Cole, Director

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