The Daily Word

"As we follow Christ, we cannot hear one message or read the Bible once in a while and then think that's enough to stay encouraged. We need to fill our hearts daily with the instruction, correction and hope found only in God's Word."
This is true. Even if you don't read the Bible everyday (I currently don't, but I get at least a Bible quote in everyday); just getting some of the word in through maybe reading a quote, or an article or through spending time in prayer to God, meditation of something you've learnt from the Bible or your Christian walk. There is always a need to get a daily nourishment with God. If you don't, then day by day you will start to slack off and it will hurt. I know from experience that if you go by without something then it just feels like something very important is missing; and what really could be more important than putting God in our lives day-to-day when He is our Lord and Savior? We literally need Him.

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