Praise Report

I have a praise report that I wanted to say. My brother has had a lot of work that needed to be done on his teeth, for a long time. He gets a lot of pain from it, about every six months. Well, he doesn't have insurance and he couldn't afford to get the work done at the dentist (it would cost over $10,000). He went there about a year ago, took x-rays and was given a prescription for the pain and infection. About six months later the pain came back. He was able to get more pain pills then it went away again. Then six months after that it came back yet again. He tried to get more pain pills, but they wouldn't give it him because it had been over a year since he last had his teeth checked. So, he had to make another appointment for the dentist. I think the dentist's office got to the point where they realized that my brother, our family does not have the money to get those teeth worked on. It's just too much. So they took more x-rays, for free this time, and referred him to a ministry in the city that does dental work for free on fridays. It was like a miracle that there is such a ministry as this. So, my brother had to wait another week to be able to do it. It's all first come, first serve. He had to get there early, it opens at 7:30AM. He got there at around 7AM and there was already 6 people ahead of him. Thankfully, he was able to get in. They took more x-rays I think and they pulled one of his teeth that was the big one that was causing a lot of pain. My brother told me that everyone there was super nice and great to him. They said that my brother was a good patient. He has to go back in a couple of weeks. He still has a lot more work to be done. But, I just wanted to give a shout out to this ministry, that there is such a thing as this that does real good work for people that are in dire need of it, who are poor or just don't have a way to get the dental work done. But, I don't think this ministry only does dental work. My Dad told me that there was other stuff there like a place for someone to come in and do their laundry. So, this is obviously a ministry that is trying to provide real tangible help to the needy. I praise God for this ministry and for those of us who really try to help out. The ministry is called Timon's Ministry.


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