New Abortion Laws Slowing Baby Killers

New Abortion Laws Slowing Baby Killers
by Chick Publications www.chick.com

Those fighting for the lives of our unborn children are developing new strategies. A new law in Oklahoma has the abortionists running for their lawyers. Modern technology has opened a window in the womb so we can watch the little person suck his thumb and cringe from danger.

The law requires that every woman who requests an abortion be offered a view of her baby on an ultrasound screen and be given a detailed description of it. Abortion clinics are reporting that mothers dissolved into tears during the ultrasound. Others refused to look at the baby on the screen.

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the sin of killing babies, pro-aborts have pounded the propaganda drum not to worry about the “fetus,” that was “just a blob of tissue!” And, why allow the inconvenience of a pregnancy, and the 20-year project of raising a child, disrupt your life. After all, sex is for recreation and should be available to everyone without consequences, right?

Some of abortion clinic staffers are having second thoughts. Abby Johnson, director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, quit her job after watching an unborn baby “crumple” as it was being vacuumed out of the womb. She had joined Planned Parenthood to help mothers in trouble but became disillusioned with the organization’s emphasis on profit rather than helping people to plan their “parenthood.”

The new ultrasound machines also delivered images of babies scrambling to escape the cutting and vacuuming instruments used during an abortion. The child was obviously feeling pain during the procedure. Based on these images, laws have been passed limiting abortion after a certain stage of growth.

Another procedure is called “partial birth abortion.” Here the baby is delivered all but the head. Then the back of the skull is punctured and the brain sucked out with a vacuum. Because the baby was not fully delivered, it was not legally a live birth. When graphic descriptions of this procedure were made public, laws against it were much easier to pass.

As usual, the pro-aborts are claiming that the Oklahoma law is unfair to victims of incest and rape. They are quick to use this to justify all abortions. However, reliable studies indicate that less than one percent of all abortions are requested because of these two factors. Most of the abortions are for convenience.

All of these strategies are taking their toll. Abortions are down 25 percent in the U.S. from 20 years ago. However, the President was right on one thing, we need to reduce the need. Unplanned pregnancies are the problem. Abortion is just one of the “solutions.” Making abortion illegal will not address the root problem. The real solution is to change the hearts of the ones who generate the “unplanned” pregnancies.

Bible believers have the only answer: hearts changed by the Holy Spirit and sheltered by the safety of obedience to God’s laws. All Chick tracts and literature focus on the need for the redemption and regeneration of the human heart. This is central to the solution to abortion and all other problems caused by sinful behavior.

Besides the general salvation tracts such as This Was Your Life, Love Story, and Somebody Goofed, we have tried to target the horrors of abortion with Who Murdered Clarice? and the risks of the party scene with Party Girl. The “unintended consequences” of sex outside of marriage is illustrated by the story of David and Bathsheba in The Royal Affair.

These tracts seeded into a community will cause people to stop and think about God’s remedy for unplanned pregnancies. Beside saving a soul, you might also save a few babies in the process.

Tract: Who murdered Clarice?


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